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What is it?

It is a Targin unit, a research and development center (RDC) designed to search for and develop new process ideas both inside the company and in the external market. The RDC links the company to external players: institutes, laboratories, research and development companies. Our task is to create new products interesting to the market; today it means the development of well completion software and equipment, well intervention, reduction of tubing pipe corrosion.

Where are you located?

The RDC office is located at the Skolkovo Technopark; this is a place where license and patent obtainment infrastructure is developed well. Besides, many dedicated oil and gas companies are gathered in one place. Moreover, the fund may recommend what other residents may be engaged to handle particular tasks.

The design bureau is physically located in the cities of presence of Targin in Bashkiria.

Where do ideas come from?

First, from open sources: articles, reports at seminars, conferences, etc. We negotiate cooperation with authors of developments we are interested in.

Second, every employee of the Targin Group may suggest an idea. We are talking about designers, field team members who have made important observations over the years of their work. We are sure that many such suggestions will help us make the work process more comfortable and improve its quality.

Third, every oil and gas industry professional may suggest to us a promising idea. We are open to dialog.

What ideas do you consider?

We are a for-profit company. All proposals must result in an additional scope of work, growth in revenue and profit, increase of the company's market share.

We are ready to consider any ideas, from a basic description with anticipated conclusions to sketches of components, etc. Should an idea be connected with current activities, the RDC will supervise the implementation by the group of designers supporting current activities.

Do you pay for ideas?

We do, but only for ideas which work has been started on. Besides, third-party developments may be purchased, should they be extremely promising.

Where should one send ideas?

Send them to our email address: idea@targin.ru. Please, provide your name, patronymic and surname so that we could give you feedback.