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Production Enhancement

Coil tubing

  • Coil tubing

Currently Targin has 8 coiled tubing packages operating at different oil fields in the Volga-Ural region and the Western Siberia region. Our well equipped CT packages and highly experienced teams of professionals deliver premium operational performance.


In 2016 we will expand our fleet to 11 CT packages.

All Targin CT packages are equipped with high-performance nitrogen units, cryogenic tanks, advanced pumping stations, tank farm for fluids transportation, reservoirs and installation kits for high-pressure lines. Our equipment designs are highly reliable and can operate in the harshest environments.

Coiled Tubing Services:


  • Bottomhole flushing and cleaning.
  • Completion after fracturing (flushing and nitrogen completion).
  • Bottomhole area chemical treatment (acids, solvents, alkali).
  • Hydrate-wax plug removal.
  • Cleaning wax plugged borehole walls.
  • Cement bridge plug setting, well abandonment and isolation of perforated zones.
  • Drill out of cement plugs and mechanical bridge plugs.
  • Fishing.
  • Operations with logging cable installed inside coiled tubing (logging in horizontal wells,video record inside the well, run in hole and activation of standard CT charge).
  • Jet perforation.
  • Tubing cutting.
  • Multistage fracturing.
  • Coiled tubing completion.

Fishing Service


Targin also offers the following fishing services for different stages - drilling , completion and workover:

  • Engineering supervision of remedial operations;
  • Fishing;
  • Milling jobs of all types;
  • Drilling off;
  • Bottomhole cleaning (junk metal tools, etc.);
  • External and internal tubing cutter;
  • Internal casing cutter;
  • Fishing tools rental;
  • Fishing tools sales.

Fishing Tools and Coiled Tubing Tools Production



Targin produces a full range of fishing equipment for hazard mitigation during drilling, completion and workover and for use with coiled tubing.

  • Hydraulic and mechanical overshots.
  • Casing spares.
  • Magnets.
  • Casing magnets.
  • Mechanical and hydraulic jars.
  • Scrapers.
  • Casing cutter.
  • Reamers.
  • Junk baskets.
  • Mills.
  • Impression blocks.
  • Fishing baskets.
  • Wireline grab.
  • Taper tap.
  • Washover shoes.
  • Noozles.
  • Mechanically released tool.
  • Accelerators.
  • Service packers with enlarged bore for technological operations.
  • Hydraulic fracturing packers and packers for technological operations.
  • Anchors.

Service manager:

Alexander Reshetnikov
Director for Well Intervention
+7 (347) 210-16-09 al.reshetnikov@targin.ru