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Integrated Fracturing

Targin offers all support operations to prepare a well for fracturing. We provide fully integrated services including completion-preparation jobs.


Integrated fracturing support is ideal for minimizing costs and risks, allowing to focus on the main business for pressure-pumping companies. The most technically advanced equipment is used in our operations, and team of well-qualified experts work with fully equipped fracturing support fleets.


  • Supervision and process coordination.
  • Facility management (Completion-Preparation Jobs Master).
  • Tubing pipes logistics.
  • Fluid preparation.
  • Supplies delivery.
  • Support with special vehicles (tank trucks, crane truck, etc.).
  • Proppant storage and supplies.

Tubing pipes:

  • Delivery of preordered tubing pipes.
  • Tubing logistics.
  • Tripping supervision.


  • Delivery of preordered packer systems.
  • Transportation of equipment (mobilization-demobilization).
  • Engineering supervision of operations at wellsite (with tubing pipes).

Warehouse logistics:

  • Client's supplies acceptance at railway siding.
  • Storage.
  • Withdrawal from stock, delivery to wellsite.
  • Inventory.
  • Daily reports to the Client.


Company benefits

Targin manages facility and operations. Company focuses on the main business. Zero expenses on standby non-core equipment and personnel.
Fixed rate for well preparation. Cost optimization, easy planning.
Targin is motivated by a number of operations. Improved performance.
Targin holds responsibility for quality and deadlines. Minimized penalty risks.
One agreement, one document for work performed. Minimized indirect expenses on admin. (reduced workload of Management, Accounting and HR).

Service manager:

Rustam Sattarov
Director for Complex Logistics
+7 (347) 210-18-06 r.sattarov@targin.ru