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Field production support

Oilfield production equipment

  • Group metering units (also known as Sputnik)
  • Modular-type equipment (chemical injection skid, water injection distribution manifold)
  • Tanks
  • Preventive maintenance, overhaul and service of ESP and electric diaphragm pump equipment
  • Repair of oil field production equipment (ejection circulating pumps, pressure reducers, group metering units Sputnik, chemical dosing systems)
  • Repair of power generating equipment (different kinds of motors and generators)
  • Expert inspection and engineering certification of hazardous surface facilities
  • Repair of oil-field tools
  • Manufacturing of christmas trees and wellhead equipment

Service manager:

Dmitriy Polyakov
Head of section, Targin Oilfield Equipment LLC
+7 917 777-69-86 d.polyakov@targin.ru