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Directional Drilling

DD Services provided by Targin allow to significantly reduce drilling cost and well construction time regardless of formation properties. The main areas of application are extended reach drilling, horizontal drilling, sidetracks and inaccessible locations, service wells, controlled vertical drilling.

Our DD crews use modern high-resolution telemetry MWD/LWD systems for drilling directional and horizontal wells. By implementing world-class software in our work we achieve high level of efficiency and operations safety. Data transmission system provides complete real-time information on the project for the customer.


Targin delivers as well its own drilling bits and bottomhole assembly services.

We offer:

  • Well path design and bottomhole assembly (BHA).
  • Estimation and full set of BHA: drilling bits, downhole motor, nonmagnetic drill collar, jars, reamers, centralizers, check and bypass valves, subs.
  • Downhole drilling motor with energy-efficient characteristics.
  • Drilling process optimization based on geologic and production settings, and drilling equipment used.
  • Logging-while-drilling (LWD)

- Advance tool stabilization in extreme environment.

  • Measurement-while-drilling (MWD)

- Controlled directional drilling and Gamma Ray log.

- Data delivery system.

  • Rotary Steerable System (RSS)
  • Technical and engineering support throughout the whole cycle of well construction.

Motors and systems:

Targin employs all widespread types of motors and in accordance with customers’ needs and requests.

Mud Motor

Allows to control direction of drilling as well as to guarantee high rate of penetration. As a result of low torque and drag the bit load goes down to optimal value.

Rotary Steerable System

Targin RSS is a completely automatic short length system providing 3D well drilling. RSS use improves drilling performance through full directional control for mid-zone and reservoir section of the well. No sliding speeds up the construction of horizontal and directional wells.


  • High ROP.
  • Improved wellbore cleaning.
  • Accurate directional control.
  • Guaranteed wellbore stability.
  • Lower operating costs due to high efficiency and reliability.
  • Integrated LWD system.

Key features:

Continious rotation of drill strings

  • Low risk of getting stuck.
  • Improved hole cleaning.
  • Optimized weight on bit – improves ROP.

Zero sliding

  • Decreases risks of drillstring buckling.
  • Reduces drag– greatly extending reach.
  • Zero ledges.

Smooth wellbore

  • Constant diameter.
  • Accurate formation evaluation.
  • Simplified subsequent operations and completion.

Service manager:

Sergey Zhivotovskiy
Director for Directional Drilling
+7 (347) 210-10-07 s.zhivotovskiy@targin.ru