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Targin offers effective and progressive solutions for well completions. Multistage fracturing without drilling out setup elements is a unique service for Russia taking prominent share in the market. This technology advances the drill out solutions saving on well completion time up to 40% and enhancing production index by reducing formation damage.


Multistage FRAC Technology

Solutions offered by Targin include a variety of assemblies with focus on retrieving ball-and-seat assemblies (up to 29 stages). After pulling out the casing has full hole diameter that leads to minimizing fluid loss during well completion. Compared to water-soluble balls it is possible to inspect each coupling along with isolation quality and Fracturing performance data.

Diameter of MFRAC System, mm

Packer activation








dissolvable, drillable


Advantages of retrievable seats:

  • Balls and seats are retrived in a single trip.
  • Тhe technology doesn't require to drill off.
  • Liners anchoring systems allows to rotate drill pipes or tubing while running.
  • Option of opening/closing circulation windows with special shifting tool (running CT or tubing).


Coil tubing operated frac ports system


  • Opening and closing with CT.
  • For cased and open holes.

Operational Aspects:

  • Up to open, down to close
  • Automatic location of running depth.
  • Unlock system is activated with a pump.
  • Adapted to screen-out.
  • Selective window opening.

Technical Aspects:

  • 10,000 PSI (69 МPа) working pressure.
  • 6,000 – 8,000 lbs (2,668 – 3,558 daN) for opening/closing windows.
  • Unlimited number of stages.

Sweet_metall_11_0001.jpg Sweet_green_12_0001.jpg

Full bore frac ports system, operated by pump in plugs


  • Circulation windows are opened by injected plugs with selective locks.
  • Locks are retrieved in a single trip.

Operational Aspects:

  • Selective lock at the plug allows to open only a compatible sleeve.
  • One or several sleeves opened with a single lock.
  • Applicable for Multistage fracturing with high volume injections.

Technical Aspects:

  • Sizes: 114 mm and 139 mm.
  • Maximum pressure - 69 МPа.
  • Unlimited number of stages.
  • Maximum number of ports – more than 20.


  • Injected isolation elements.
  • Locks for isolated elements.
  • One or several circulation windows triggering (depending on fracturing design).
  • Full-size inner diameter to inject high flow fracturing.
  • All systems retrievable in one trip.
  • Option of opening/closing circulation windows.

Multistage Packer for Multistage Fracturing

Sweet_metall_10_0000.jpg Sweet_03.jpg

  • Multistage packer.
  • All systems are retrievable in a single trip.
  • Design of the packer allows natural and reverse circulation.
  • Minimizes formation contamination due to exclusion of drilling operations.
  • Applicable for vertical and horizontal wells.

Drillable systems

  • Shift system for accident-free operations.
  • Bypass ports to minimize pressure losses while pumping through frac port
  • Closing windows available for isolation.
  • Up to 29 stages in single assembly.

Ball types

  • Nylion.
  • Composit.
  • Aluminium.
  • Dissolvable.

Tools for Selective Reservoir Stimulation (SRS)

Straddle packers are designed to isolate intervals as well as:

  • Fracturing operations,
  • Pumping into reservoir,
  • Injection operations in the perforated interval.

Requires no rotation to set a packer. Packer is set by moving the instrument upside down, in a way similar to automatic ball pen mechanism.

One of functional features is stabilization of hydrostatic pressure allowing to easily move SRS between intervals even with sustained high-pressure between installed packer elements.


Multiservice valve for well completion and wells with ESP systems.

Targin offers universal mutliservice valve activated mechanically or hydraulically. According to case studies the valve is highly sustainable as compared to already existing products.


  • As bypass valve for wells with ESP systems.
  • As drawdown valves during completion.
  • Applicable for horizontal and vertical wells.

Service manager:

Yury Faizov
Director for Well Completion
+7 917 464-38-01 yu.faizov@targin.ru