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Quality, health, safety and environment

Life and safety of our people is a number one priority of Targin. We want to provide best service to our customers and minimize exposure of our employees and environment. We established solid HSE management system to achieve that.

In 2014, the Management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS – 18001 international standards.

The activities of Company enterprises also meet all legal, contractual and regulatory requirements of countries there we operate. Company developed robust HSE standards and operational procedures such as “Leadership”, “Risk Assessment”, “Key Safety Rules”, “Behavioral Safety Audit”, etc. All employees pass regular training of the requirements of corporate standards.

Company has special focus on driving safety as we realize that is a single highest risk in our business. All our vehicles are 100% equipped with seat belts and other safety devices. All our drivers complete defensive driving training.

The company management is aware of its responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions at the operation facilities and to the full extent provides the necessary financial, material and human resources.