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Targin is a large Russian multiproduct integrated oilfield service holding, consisting of a managing company and 6 production subsidiaries. Targin is 100% owned by OJSC Rosneft.

The main areas of expertise are: drilling; well servicing and workover: engineering, manufacturing and upgrade of oilfiled equipment; transportation and logistics services. According to RBC magazine rating,  Targin has joined Top 500 Russian companies list, and Targin Drilling, a subsidiary company, is ranked as one of the top effective drilling contractors, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Company is successfully operating in the key Russian petroleum regions: Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (KMAO), the Republic of Bashkortostan, Samara Oblast, Orenburg Oblast, Tomsk Oblast, Irkutsk Oblast and Tyumen Oblast. Targin has launched operations overseas: well servicing and workover for NIS, Serbian oil and gas company, and entry into the markets of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Targin is involved in the work of import substitution committee for fracturing and completion at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The company is closely cooperating with Skolkovo Foundation that allows to have immediate access to new technologies, infrastructure and financial support for its projects. 

The 42 drilling crews of the company perform straight-hole drilling and slant-hole directional drilling for wells having a depth of up to 5,000 meters, including drilling of wells with horizontal tailing-in up to 500-700 meters. Six drilling crews perform well debottlenecking operations by means of drilling a horizontal sidetrack from wells which have fulfilled their purpose in the current area of the pay zone, including multihole drilling and wells with horizontal tailing-in. Practically all the drilling rigs are equipped with a four-stage fluid processing system. Some of the drilling rigs are equipped with top drive systems. 

Well servicing and workover 

In this area of activity of the Company the work is performed continuously by 165 well servicing and workover crews which are equipped with hoist units having a lifting capacity of 40 to 100 tons. Such lifting capacity enables us to perform high-quality work on wells having a depth of up to 5,500 meters. Eight coiled-tubing crews perform flowback operation after hydraulic fracturing and bottom-hole formation zone treatment. The crews which are equipped with coiled-tubing equipment can also perform high-tech operations, e.g.: drilling out of ports for arrangement of multistage hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells. 

Manufacture and servicing of oilfield equipment and drilling equipment 

The main lines of activity in this area are manufacture and upgrade of oilfield equipment, drilling equipment, power-generating equipment and tools; provision of completed cycle services: manufacture of equipment, its assembly, commissioning and start-up, technical examination, equipment. The enterprises perform work which is unique for the Russian market and includes application of a polymeric anticorrosive coating on oil pipes of all diameters up to 324*10 mm; coupling of pipelines without using welded joints during field operations by means of the Butler joint; tank cleaning from oil slime by means of the "MegaMAX" units. Alongside with the innovative activities, the company performs a large amount of work on repair and overhaul of sucker rod pumping units (16,000 units per year) and electric submersible centrifugal pumps (5,000 units per year). The manufacturing facilities of the enterprises produce a large amount of products: production tubing (20,000 tons per year) and couplings for it (1,000,000 pcs per year), cables of various types (1,200 km/year), including the special submersible cable hauling gear and the capillary hose for feeding chemicals into the specified borehole section, Christmas tree (2,400 units per year). The facilities also perform overhaul of production tubing (220,000 pcs per year). The Company has also introduced its self-engineered product into production: the integrated separation and loading unit “KSNU-OZNPO”. It was designed for separation and metering of the associated gas, metering and automatic pumping of oil at exploratory wells which have no stationary electrical power transmission line. 

Transport services 

The transport segment is represented by the dynamically developing business unit of the Company which specializes in provision of a wide range of high-quality transport services which meet the highest requirements of the customer. The vehicle fleet which currently includes over 5,000 units of equipment continues to be replenished and renewed annually. The powerful and mobile special-purpose machinery, both home-produced and imported, can be used for performing the entire range of technical, technological and transport operations at the facilities of extractive industry companies (in petroleum industry, mining sector, metallurgical industry, forest industry, etc.). The freight transport is used for transportation of goods of various purpose; passenger transportation is performed by means of passenger cars, buses having a high, medium and low capacity, off-road buses. The Transport Department has well-equipped repair stations and qualified personnel which enable it to perform work on repair and overhaul of components and assemblies, upgrade and maintenance of vehicles.