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Drilling of new wells remains the main way of increasing production and maintenance in the oil fields both on the early and late stages of development.

Production Enhancement

Improvement of production performance and development parameters is reached by application of up-to-date techniques of oil well stimulation such as hydraulic fracturing and bottom-hole treatment.

Introduction of dual completion technology helps to involve into development more beds having less wells.

Remedial cementing and fishing

In-time service  for isolation of water flooded zones allows to reduce time of shut down and reduce production loses.

Well production optimization

Ageing well stock of oil and gas production enterprises requires new methods of their work optimization.

Integrated analysis and estimation of well operation mode, also programs of planned preventive maintenance allow our clients to find optimum mode of field operations.

Field production support

Large operating production base for repair and service of oil and gas production equipment and qualified personnel allow to solve the problems of mean time before failure (MTBF) increase, decrease in refusals and costs for repair, and also equipment service in general.


Work of oil and gas production enterprises is not possible without relocating people and goods, and also performance of special operations.
Safety and speed of movement of labor and other resources is a key goal of the logistics division.

Plug and abandonment

The growing quantity of non-commercial wells of oil and gas production enterprises requires a solution on abandoment and suspension problems.

Providing aviable and suspension high-quality service on abandonment and suspension with observance of all regulatory requirements.